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Life Lessons Learned in Childhood July 29, 2011

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From a child’s perspective, we were simply having fun. Looking back as a grown up, early childhood games hold metaphors for life.

Remember the board game Candy Land? Just when you thought you had one more turn to win the game, you drew the final card that put you back to the beginning. Doesn’t this ring true in life? When obstacles unexpectedly jump out at us, often we feel defeated and discouraged.  The key is to keep playing the game since each time offers a new outcome and a new chance to win.

As a child, I hated Tug of War. I was never very strong and always felt like the “weakest link.” The analogy to life. Don’t we often assume that the strongest, most powerful person is better than us? Reality check! Power typically means control and we can all think of people that are very “controlling.” Not our idol. Creative thinking, team spirit, effective communication, inspiring leadership, etc inevitably wins out in the end.

Lastly, there is the ole time favorite, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Think about it. You are blindfolded and spun around. The object of the game is to randomly swing the bat, frantically hoping to hit the donkey quickly so everyone stops laughing at you. As grownups, we all have times when we feel like we are grasping in the dark.  We feel alone and misunderstood. Join the party, take life a little less seriously and, remember, the candy lies only one swing away.

Who says children have squatter’s rights on these games?  I think it is time to create some grownup games just for the fun of it.


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