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Confine or Define? August 11, 2011

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From the time we are born, there are external markers that define us. Whether it is the percentile your child scores in comparison to other children by weight and height, your high school ranking, your #1 Best Sales Award Record, Top Star Athlete etc., these parameters are attached to us. They impact our self perception and our self esteem becomes wrapped up in the labels. Combine this with others’ expectations and projections, and we become locked in. Confined by our lives. Confined by the labels.

Often, we think we know the rules and are good at playing the game. For some people, something happens that catches them off guard and they are confronted with the realization that they may not want to play the same game anymore. The pleasure, rewards and gratification are no longer enough.

Through interviews with other women, I have found that this phenomenon is growing. A second life journey invites us to define and revise our life plan. What was once black and white, is now a blend of colors,  inner contentment replaces external affirmation and curiosity surpasses security.


Recommended Reading:

1) Finding Your Way Home by Melody Beattie

2) Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

3) The Third Chapter by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot


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