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The Boogey Man under my bed August 17, 2011

How do I know when the boogey man is under my bed?

By the knot in my stomach and the lump in my throat. By the feeling that I will burst into tears if I open my mouth and utter a word. I used to be very scared of the boogey man. Truth is, sometimes, I still am. My response has always been to take action, to mobilize.  The underlying thinking, though it was not something I was conscious of, was that by fixing “it”, the feeling would go away. The problem with that thinking is the focus was on the wrong thing. “It” was the script, scenery and characters, not the underlying meaning of the story.

I am braver, wiser and stronger now. I have found the courage to look the fear in the eye, to name it and own it. I am no longer watching the play but am the main character and the producer. The truth is the boogey man lives inside me (and all of us). The difference is that I am learning to understand it, find a place for it and take control of it. I can look under my bed and make friends with the boogey man. I have even enlisted his help to learn the art of holding my feelings and letting them naturally move through me and beyond. Silly as this may sound, I can now tuck him in and go to sleep myself.


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