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Imagine the Possibilities July 22, 2011

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View your life through a kaleidoscope….“an ever changing vision of an ever changing view”

With even the slightest turn of the dial, an entirely new design appears. Imagine the possibilities.

If not now, when?



How do we navigate the change process?

Step 1

There must first be a CURIOSITY. A desire to learn something new, to look beyond the surface.

Step 2

We must let go of our FEARS. Fear of failure and fear of the unknown are natural reactions. Not only is understanding the “fear” critical, but we must also learn to recover from it in order  to move forward.

Step 3

Make CHANGE an asset. A certain amount of stress can be a motivator. Identify positive stress (eustress) versus negative stress (distress). Get EXCITED about asking the questions rather than knowing the answers.

Step 4

Don’t go it ALONE. Finding external support systems enables you to see things from someone else’s perspective that you might miss and build camraderie with others who can be compassionate.

Step 5

A BRIDGE between the past and present. We cannot abandon our “old selves” but can take that foundation and  build upon it. Loving our whole self with all it’s imperfections is critical to navigating our present and future paths.


Celebrating the Journey July 18, 2011

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Sometimes, it only takes a step back to propel yourself forward. More often, you need many giant steps back to gain enough speed.

Celebrating the Journey is about change and growth. It is about valuing the ride as much as where it takes you. It is about overcoming the fear that keeps us “stuck,” immobilized and numb.

Celebrating the Journey is a place to embrace our mistakes, recognize our potentials and learn to take life a little less seriously. It is through telling our stories that we can learn from each other and discover the beauty in trying, believing and dreaming.

Hope you join us as begin the journey.


Hello world!

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